Why Should You Have A Property Survey Before Buying A House In Coos Bay?

A detailed survey of the house you are considering to buy is essential before you purchase it. You must find out necessary details about the real estate property and the land it lays on. Property surveying is the process in place to find out whether or not you are getting what you are paying for. Though several home buyers skip this step in an attempt to save money, the protection and benefits property surveys offer outweigh their cost.

1.    The land is described what you are paying for

Purchasing a real estate property in Coos Bay is a big financial move. You must assure that what is on the title and contract, is exactly the commodity you will be getting. Property survey ensures that the title you buy is what you expect; however, it does not reduce risks related to the condition of the house. It assesses and maps out the land and property to eliminate any issues or discrepancies with them. Thus, always consider getting property survey whenever you are purchasing a home, selling an apartment, making any structural changes, or building a fence.

2.    Outline issues with buildings and fences

When people build fences around their house in Coos Bay, they could lead to disputes in the neighborhood relating to the boundaries of the house. Here, property surveys eliminate any conflict and issues. They will mark the boundary lines to ensure there is no uncertainty about the ownership or location of the fence.

3.    Rights of way, easements, and encumbrances

Most people in Coos Bay are often unaware of the exact location of their home lines. Assuming where property corners or boundary lines are can cause significant issues between neighbors, especially when one is planning to extend or renovate their house. A comprehensive property survey will disclose if there is any property corner or boundary line dispute.

4.    Reports on underground drains and cables

A real estate property inspection by you is easy enough to locate any above ground wiring, but nothing underneath. However, it is necessary to know what gas, water, electricity, cables, wires, drains, etc. are under the property. This is because utility companies may have to use your land’s certain proportion for line upkeep and it is their right to do so when this falls under your house. Thus, it is crucial to know the property’s underground utilities before you even start any construction.

5.    Protect your investment

The biggest advantage of a property survey is that it protects your investment in real estate market in Coos Bay. Failing to get an extensive and qualified examination of your home and land could easily drag you into expensive issues and disputes down the track.

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