What to Inspect When Visiting a House for the First Time

Purchasing a home can be a long and challenging task. You have to start saving money long before you actually become capable of purchasing a real estate property. Once you are ready, your next three months are packed with excitement, planning, stress, and then finally the big payoff. However, your home buying decision could turn into a regret when you get the wrong home. Therefore, before finalizing the deal, you must properly inspect the house. Here are 8 important things to look for when purchasing a home:

1.    See if the roof requires any repair
Look at what is happening at the top before you even put a foot inside the house. Does it look relatively new or seems like it is caving in? Remember that even small issues with your roof can cost you many dollars. Therefore, it is wise to accompany a specialist property inspector.

2.    Check the drains

Though it is often overlooked, some homes have drainage issues. Somewhere between the houses and the sewer line, there are backups. It is often difficult to spot the issue unless you show diligence when inspecting the new real estate property.

3.    Check all the windows
Replacing or repairing windows is neither fun nor cheap. Therefore, open them all to see if they are stuck or simply plain enough that they neither open easily nor close properly.

4.    Check All the Faucets and Tapes
Though changing faucets is not a complex job, it is painful to lay under a cabinet and fix the matter. Thus, make sure they all work before making any decisions to avoid the hassle.

5.    Taste the water
This is very important. Even though our area has great water, the house’s pipes might be so old that they result in the water supply being a little contaminated. Thus, finding early if you will have to get a whole new house filter installed, is always helpful.

6.    Light a fire in the fireplace
Although professionals install most chimneys, it does not mean that they will always be in fine condition. Thus, inspect properly if they also require some investment.

7.    Flush the toilets
Although toilets are easy to fix or replace, finding ones that properly flush are a bonus. On the contrary, toilets with irregular flushing mechanism may require major repairs and, thus, cost you many bucks. Knowing that every toilet in the new home can properly handle toilet paper would be a plus point.

8.    Invest in a well-insulated home
Above all others, your house must be comfortable. Thus, inspect the attic, heating ducts, and water pipes to make sure that they all are properly insulated. Such considerations can help you avoid heating and cooling costs and ensure optimal comfort in all weathers. Double-paned windows can not only save you money but also help soundproof your home.

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